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(P. Mathews, Quonochontaug Music)

Billy went down to the school yard gate
Shots split the air friends die at his feet
Billy eyes wide deeds carved in stone
Our world has changed for ever more

I see the pain on the face of the boy when love’s died inside
I see the storm in his eyes as he vents his rage

( chorus )
Where do the wild feelings go
Those dark angry winds in our souls
Where do the wild feelings go
Does it feel like we’re losing control?

Children trudge dazed in long lines of black
Shattered in faith fear at their backs
A once safe school sanctuary no more
Answers abound but none to the core

From the spirited flame and cheerful refrain of growing young hearts
To the anguish and pain shadows and rain of societies scar

( chorus )

The sound and the fury and the rains are upon us
If we could retrace our steps in the sand
Would we choose wisely from the paths laid before us
Or is this fate just the nature of man

( chorus )

Copyright © 1999 Quonochontaug Music