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(P. Mathews, Quonochontaug Music)

Well my Daddy he was a mountain I had to climb
And my Mamma she gave me wings and taught me to fly
So I climbed to the mountaintop
And upon those wings I took off
And as I rode the wind I could clearly see

They set me free
They set me free
Some times in my life were tough
But they taught me to rise above
They set me free
They set me free yea free

It’s amazing how quickly time passes by
Now I’m standing graveside a tear in my eye
My Daddy said son be strong
My Mamma taught me life’s warmth
But as I lift my eyes I can clearly see


I awake every day
Skies can be blue or gray
I still feel their sunshine
It caught me by surprise
I never realized
The lift they gave to my life


( Copyright © 2004 Quonochontaug Music )