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(P. Mathews, Quonochontaug Music)

Jim he was a sailor
The son of a son of a sailor
He hailed a ship and he sailed her
To the shores of the Azores

When Jim came home his lover
Was soon to be a mother
So they left the sea for Kankakee
And there they raised twin brothers

If you’re at that fork in the road
Don’t try and think too deep
‘Cause the high road and the low road
Someday are sure to meet
What’s the fate of Jim
As the sea calls him
Like the wayward wind
As the sea calls Jim

And once we’ve sewn the seeds of life
With caring hands we’ll fuss
Our lives become less about me
And become about us

And wiser in our years
Through the joys and the tears
We find life’s roads meet once again
And the circle never ends


Now Jim Jr. he’s a sailor
The son of sons of sailors
When he left home he did roam
Found the ocean at his door

And jack he is a farmer
Who looks just like his brother
On his John Deere He’s got ship’s gear
A wheel a mast and a rudder


Copyright © 1999 Quonochontaug Music